Gerard Samuel wrote:

>Specifically to a Brother MFC3820cn ->
>Im currently trying to print to it via CUPS, but Im getting nowhere

Every so often I see someone or more than one someone struggling with 
CUPS and I have to ask myself "Why?". Why can't you use LPD? It's 
pathetically simple: so simple that even I have a networked printer 
working nicely. I remember going through months of pain with CUPS. 
And that was with a local printer! Maybe thirty minutes with LPD (ten 
if you don't count my initial, uninformed choice of an any-to-PS filter 
which gave unexpected output) and I have a perfectly functional 
networked printer. The LPD documentation in /usr/share/doc/smm/07.lpd/
is extremely helpful, as is the Handbook, , and of course the manpages. I actually
printed "4.3BSD Line Printer Spooler Manual" (the doc in smm/07.lpd/)
when I setup my printer, and I'm very glad that I did.

If it's a licensing issue, then you're using the wrong OS.

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