Hear hear...

I have actually upped the ante to LPRng which adds multi printer print
queues and more network capability all round and also use the related
ifhp filter ...

Printing just fine at home from the FreeBSD boxen, and via a SAMBA
[printer] share, a Win98 box and a Win2K laptop also print Ok too.

And at work I am printing via LPRng to the array of variant HP things we
have and to a barcode printer running a serial protocol via a Troy
Serial Server box on the network. It looks like a standard network
capable printer thanks to the Troy box ie you set up the
hostname:9100 address:port like any other network LPD printer in the
printcap file, then print as shown.

$ stdbarcode 24004 15000 | lpr -Pbarcode

and some short time later we have 15000 barcode labels.

------+                          +---------+           +-------------+
FBSD  +--ethernet lpd protocol---+ SServer +---rs232---+ barcode prt | 
------+                          +---------+           +-------------+


The OReilly book on 'Network Printing" is also a very useful reference

And if you are going mega - there are some articles on enterprise
printing done at Cisco, using LPR and some clever addressing and
grouping to maintain high availability.
Go Google...

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 15:08, Christopher Nehren wrote:
> Gerard Samuel wrote:
> >Specifically to a Brother MFC3820cn ->
> >http://solutions.brother.com/mfc3820cn_us/en_us/
> >Im currently trying to print to it via CUPS, but Im getting nowhere
> >fast.
> Every so often I see someone or more than one someone struggling with 
> CUPS and I have to ask myself "Why?". Why can't you use LPD? It's 
> pathetically simple: so simple that even I have a networked printer 
> working nicely. I remember going through months of pain with CUPS. 
> And that was with a local printer! Maybe thirty minutes with LPD (ten 
> if you don't count my initial, uninformed choice of an any-to-PS filter 
> which gave unexpected output) and I have a perfectly functional 
> networked printer. The LPD documentation in /usr/share/doc/smm/07.lpd/
> is extremely helpful, as is the Handbook, 
> http://www.linuxprinting.org , and of course the manpages. I actually
> printed "4.3BSD Line Printer Spooler Manual" (the doc in smm/07.lpd/)
> when I setup my printer, and I'm very glad that I did.
> If it's a licensing issue, then you're using the wrong OS.
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