> Hi FreeBSD,
> I'm a software engineer in the networking industry. I'm very intersted
> in the the implementation of IP routing in FreeBSD. Two questions here:
> 1. Can I get FreeBSD source code without any charge?


> 2. If so, how can I get them?

This is all very well documented on the FreeBSD web site.
Go to  http://www.freebsd.org/  and follow the appropriate links.

Basically, you can download the .iso file and start the install.
If you have a decent speed network line, just download and burn the mini-iso
CD.   You can do all the rest via the install by ftp method.   It works well.
Alternatively, if you have a slow network connection, then you may
wish to buy a cd set from one of the companies that burn copies of 
the CDs and package them with the handbook for a small charge - some
of which is donated to the FreeBSD project.   All of this information
is on the web site.

Since you will ask, for now install and learn the latest 4.xxx version.
(currently 4.9-RELEASE is out.  4.10-RELEASE is expected momentarily)
It is still a little more ready for production than 5.xxx.  By the time
you have become very familiar with FreeBSD, probably 5.xxx will be the
main track and you can install it then.


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