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On 14 May 2004, at 15:20, Peter Risdon wrote:

Andy Holyer wrote:

This is a weird one. I'm setting up a PHP page on the web server (Apache2, FreeBSD 5.2). When I fetch from a browser, the server delivers index.php over and over again, as fast as it can as far as I can tell.

However if I telnet to port 80 and type in the get request manually, it delivers the page correctly, as far as I can tell. Once, only.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?

I think a little bit more info would help.

Does the apache access log confirm that there are repeated GET requests for the page?

Sure does.

Is the page actually refreshing, or does it never seem to have finished loading, without the window actually being re-drawn over and over again? Infinite loops are a common prob in scripts.

It never gets drawn by the browser. Safari complains of multiple redirect directives, whereas http-access-log reports on multiple sends of index.php

Have you eliminated the possibility of errors in your PHP script by trying a very trivial script indeed, or one that you know works?

Squirrelmail works perfectly on the same server

I've tested it on every web browser I can think of, from Mozillla to lynx. Same behavior.

I've just been fiddling with telnet a bit further and I may be getting somewhere. I've not been reading deeply enough into the http log - it is indeed returning a 302 response to the browser. Hmmm...

It's an error in your script. Running scripts on the command line is a great debugging technique but doesn't help if there's an error like some kind of problematic meta refresh tag, which might be consistent with a 302 response code.


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