I've brought an old (December 1990) HP LaserJet III printer obviously
with no docs. It is connected on parallel port.

Does anyone has the User Manual for this ? The only thing I could find
on net was the meaning of the error codes.

I suppose that it doesn't understand postscript since I had to install
cups-pstoraster to be able to print from CUPS.


1. I've also installed gimp-print, and now I have in CUPS admin's web
page not only the "HP LaserJet Series CUPS v.1.1 (en)" driver but also
15 "HP LaserJet Series - CUPS+GIMP-Print  v.4.2.6 (en)" drivers; is
there any difference between those 15 drivers ? (I think there are for
different languages from what cups's  /usr/local/sbin/lpinfo -l -m
prints out).

2. The tray I have is for "legal" paper and I want to use A4; the
problem is that if I set CUPS to print on A4 it's prompting "PC LOAD A4"
and I have to push "Continue" for each page. If I use legal and I set
the bottom margin to about 6 centimeters I don't have to press
"Continue", but it still get the next page after finishing the current
one (e.g. it spits out a page, wait a little and gets from the tray the
next page) - a friend told me that under windows his printer gets half
of the next page while printing the current one. Is it a problem of
communication, the driver does submit the print job page by page ? Can
it be set to do otherwise ?

3. From what I've seen on net there are many sub-models of LaserJet III
with different capabilities; is there any method to query the printer
and find out what it knows ?

4. Any suggested ports to install ? I will use ti to print various text
/pdf /ps files probably

Thanks for any input,

Unregistered ;) FreeBSD "user"

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