I am using the 4.10-PRERELEASE and trying to set up a plain old serial 
modem using getty but with no success. I get a "getty: modem init/answer 
problem on /dev/ttydX" all the time.

:ic="" ATE1Q0V1S0=0\r OK\r:

It seems the problem is the ac and ic entries even though a "man gettytab" 
is referring to them. The "dc" (chat debug bit mask) doesn't seem to help 
either. Setting the S0=1 (auto answer) works OK but is there a way to
wait for the "RING" (for indefinite time) and then issue the ATA? Has 
anyone managed to use the ic/ac capabilities of gettytab and provide a 
working sample?

Please CC

Thank you,
Lefteris Tsintjelis

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