>>> I am trying to copy some old Audio CD's. I have got an IDE CD
>>> burner - configured as SCSI device 1,0,0 .
>>> When I use
>>> # cdda2wav -vall cddb=0 -D1,0,0 -B -Owav
>>> - as recommended by THE handbook - only the first four tracks of

>> The Handbook (16.3.2 Ripping CD Audio Tracks) just suggest the following
>> syntax:
>>  # cdda2wav -D 1,0,0 -B

> That one doesn't work either, but thanks for your hint to 16.3.2
> (I only saw 12.5): Since I use an IDE CD player/writer I can
> use
> # cdda2wav -D /dev/acd0 -B

So how do you wanted that the first command ever work ("-D1,0,0")?

> which does the complete dump. With
> # cdrecord -v dev=1,0,0 -dao -text *.wav
> I get a perfect copy.

Additionally you can try to enable ATAPI devices to be accessed through
the SCSI subsystem using atapicam(4) in your kernel, but this is not
mandatory at all.
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