I was finally able to upgrade to gnome 2.6 on my 5.2 system.

When finished, I fired up Evolution and it came up, but with no fonts. I tried a basic portupgrade of evo to accomodate the changes, but afterwards, evo wouldn't even load. Trying the old fashioned method, I did a make deinstall then make install, but still it doesn't load. A task bar item comes up but no splash screen or anything, and after about 10 seconds it all disappears.

Similar with OpenOffice, it just hangs when I try to fire anything up, including setup. I did try pkg_deleting it and reinstalling the precompiled package, but setup still won't run.

So, I am figuring the gnome upgrade broke something, but I have no idea on where to start on figuring this out. Do I need to wait for new evo/OO source/packages?



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