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> Thank you for your response Ion-Mihai,
> On the router question, no, the router is a separate device, a D-Link 
> 504H but is a loaner while my D-Link 804HV is in the shop. After 
> changing them out is when I discovered I had problems. Apparently the 
> DL804 handled whatever the problem was without a complaint.
> Yes I have been through setup a few times. So far all I have been able 
> to do is take the server off-line.

When having network problems you go from lower levels up.

- So the first thing to do is to see if you have physical connection
(e.g. is the led on the and on the router nic on). If it ain't there's
the problem; if not, well, that doesn't mean anything :)

- The you ping the router from your box. If you don't have 100% you
probably have physical problems, so check the cabling. The ping other
hosts on you net, the next (ISP) router, etc. Check the netmasks, are
they right ?

- The you would ping and tracroute ips outside your net that are know to
be working like one of yahoo's, freebsd.org,, if you don't get out your ISP's network
then the problem at his end..

- Next you would check you DNS setup, etc.

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