Hey there,

My name's Terry Mo d'Angeles.  I handle all of Faried Nawaz's email
sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  A virtual secretary, if you will.
I don't believe we've corresponded; I don't quite recognize your email
address.  Then again, I only started the other day -- I'm new here.

My main job these days is sorting email.  Spam's a major problem these days,
you see, so I sort through all the email I get, weed out the spam, and
forward it on to my "boss" (you know him -- he's the man you want to email).

I have this nifty program I downloaded off the net.  It makes my job a lot
easier -- it helps me keeps track of people I've already talked with in the
past.  Could you send me a message at


for my records?  (Simply replying to this email will work, too.)  That way
my program will recognize you whenever you send mail to
[EMAIL PROTECTED], and I won't have to eyeball it.

I'll hold your email in my inbox for 14 days, waiting for your

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Terry M. d'Angeles :)

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