Only if it treats w2k different than 98 and XP.  I've had the same
boot manager on dual boot machines with the two MS "OS"es and FreeBSD
and have no trouble mounting the ms partitions on FreeBSD.


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>  Date:  Fri, 07 May 2004 19:10:17 +0100
>  To:  "J. W. Ballantine" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>  From:  Mark Ovens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>  Subject:  Re: ntfs mount
>  Mark Ovens wrote:
>  > Not come across Smart Boot Manager but I wonder if it creates a small 
>  > partition to run from; the OS/2 Boot Manager, which was also shipped 
>  > with older versions of Partition Magic, did but, like "recovery" 
>  > partitions it didn't get a drive letter.
>  > 
>  Ah! I've just thought of something. My old machine had Boot Magic 
>  installed - the boot manager that came with later versions of Partition 
>  Magic and didn't need a dedicated partition. One of it's features let 
>  you choose which partitions each OS could see. I never looked into _how_ 
>  it did it but I'm now wondering if it worked by setting the partition 
>  type id flag to 45 (unknown) in the partition table; I do remember that 
>  I had to disable the BIOS boot sector anti-virus feature as it went off 
>  everytime I booted.
>  Now, it may be that this is how Smart Boot Manager works. You could 
>  confirm it by viewing the MBR when booted into Windows, you can get a 
>  copy of dd(1) and hd(1) for windows from or you can use 
>  DSKPROBE.EXE which is in the NT4 Resource Kit (if you can find a copy - 
>  e-mail me if you can't) and see if the partition type for the first two 
>  partitions is now set to 7 (NTFS), and maybe the FreeBSD partitions are 
>  now 45?
>  Regards,
>  Parish

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