On May 7, 2004, at 7:13 PM, Peter Schuller wrote:


is there any hardware SCSI RAID controller that is fully supported in FreeBSD?
By "fully supported" I mean being able to monitor and talk to the controller
on a live system in order to initiate a rebuild on a replace drive and such.

Mylex/Adaptec seems to be a dead end, LSI's MegaRAIDs I'm not sure about.
Anything else out there?

Adaptec; I think that is what the Dell PERC controllers use (just rebranded?). There' s a CLI utility that was ported from the Linux world...aacli I think is what it is called (or something similar to it). Although I haven't had to try the actual rebuild from the CLI (THANK $DEITY, knock on wood...), the command line program does talk to the controller for information.

Try digging around for what the PERC controllers use for their chipset...


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