Am Samstag, 8. Mai 2004 11:21 schrieb Zhang Weiwu:
> Hello. My friend is running a tea house, she want to put her ancient
> Pentium 100 notebook (24MB memory) running FreeBSD 4.9, on the bar so
> customers can use it check mails and browse the web. (and I want to help
> her.) She want it to just function as a browser machine, she don't even
> need a window manager, the X starts up just to run a browser. (However a
> memory saving window manager is okay, too.
> But such a slow notebook what browser do you suggest to use? The
> harddisk don't have much space after the OS is installed, and memory is
> pretty limited. Epiphany comes to my mind, but it depends on Mozilla and
> gtk. If there is an extremely light weighted browser that just use
> Athena (or can be compiled so) it would be better.
> Perhaps Epiphany is the only choice? If so can we make it even lighter?

Dillo! You really want to have a look at dillo. Increadibly fast and small, 
but with limitations (no SSL and such)


> Thank you.
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