<quote>/boot/boot0 needs to be installed using sysinstall by selecting the
FreeBSD boot manager on the screen which asks if you wish to use a boot
manager. This is because /boot/boot0 has the partition table area filled
with NULL characters but sysinstall copies the partition table before
copying /boot/boot0 to the MBR.</quote>

I tried to run the procedure as perscribed in the handbook, but it didn't
seem to work.  For starters, to get to the screen that installs the boot
manager, the only place I could find it was off of FDISK, So I selected the
first hard drive, an was notified that the Drive Geomotry(sp?) was invalid.
This is nothing that I had set up, the drive was install out of the box, and
windows was install to it.  The Drive was autodetected by BIOS, and neither
BIOS nor Windows had any problems with it.  

Now seeing as I had no planes on actually doing much with the drive partions
anyway, just quit out of that section and was persented with the boot
manager screen, which I (following the instructions in the handbook)
selected to install the BSD boot manager, and continued on.  I don't
remember the exactly what happened after that, but there where no errors, so
I exited out of the process and went into winodows to finish the procedure.

BSD never asked me what I wanted to name the file, and when I went into
windows and checked the windows Drive, there where no files that have been
modified (as far as boot sector files) I could not follow the final step in
modifing the Boot.ini file as I had nothing to point it to.

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On Thursday 29 April 2004 12:27 pm, Jay Chen <"Jay Chen" 
> To Whom It May Concern:
> I have a Dell computer with Window XP and two hard disks (76 GB each). 
> The XP is located on C: and I am planning to install the FreeBSD on 
> the second hard drive (D: at this time).
This is not at all a dumb question, but it is a frequently-asked one.  
In fact, it's two.  The first is how to use the built-in boot manager in
Windows to boot FreeBSD:

The second is what you MIGHT need to do to get FreeBSD to boot correctly
from the second drive, although if you've followed the directions above, I
don't think you will need it:

> I like to be able to boot either of these two Operating systems with a 
> selection at the time when I turn on the computer.  Unfortunately, I 
> failed.  During installation of the BSD, my understanding is that I 
> still need to have the Boot Manager residing on C.  I guess that that 
> result a rewritten of the boot related files (boot manager).  I can 
> not boot the XP any more.  Do you have any suggestions?  Where did I 
> do wrong?

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