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> <quote>/boot/boot0 needs to be installed using sysinstall by
> selecting the FreeBSD boot manager on the screen which asks if you
> wish to use a boot manager. This is because /boot/boot0 has the
> partition table area filled with NULL characters but sysinstall
> copies the partition table before copying /boot/boot0 to the
> MBR.</quote>
> I tried to run the procedure as perscribed in the handbook, but it
> didn't seem to work.  For starters, to get to the screen that
> installs the boot manager, the only place I could find it was off of
> FDISK, So I selected the first hard drive, an was notified that the
> Drive Geomotry(sp?) was invalid. This is nothing that I had set up,
> the drive was install out of the box, and windows was install to it. 
> The Drive was autodetected by BIOS, and neither BIOS nor Windows had
> any problems with it.

The screen that installs the boot manager (as mentioned above) is part 
of the install process.  
> Now seeing as I had no planes on actually doing much with the drive
> partions anyway, just quit out of that section and was persented with
> the boot manager screen, which I (following the instructions in the
> handbook) selected to install the BSD boot manager, and continued on.
>  I don't remember the exactly what happened after that, but there
> where no errors, so I exited out of the process and went into
> winodows to finish the procedure.
> BSD never asked me what I wanted to name the file, and when I went
> into windows and checked the windows Drive, there where no files that
> have been modified (as far as boot sector files) I could not follow
> the final step in modifing the Boot.ini file as I had nothing to
> point it to.
FreeBSD doesn't write any files to Windows.  You will need to copy the 
appropriate files yourself.

I don't fully understand what you are saying happened.  It sounds like 
you can now boot to FreeBSD but not XP?  When you boot, are you 
presented with a choice of which partition to boot?

- Bob
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