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Actually at the moment I can boot to both, just not the I intended. After
trying to install the FreeBSD bootloader, and rebooting, I get nothing, I go
stright to windows (which, technicaly, is what is suppose to happen). I can
not configure boot.ini to load the FreeBSD drive (though the FreeBSD
bootloader) becouse I have nothing to point the ini file to (as per the
instrctions in the Handbook). Instead, what I have to do is on boot of my
PC go into BIOS, Select which drive I want to boot from, reboot and there I
go. Now, recently I've discovered how to inturupt BIOS and get it to ask me
which drive I want to boot from, but it isn't windows XP boot loader asking,
nor is it FreeBSD, Its BIOS, with about 1.5 seconds to catch it before it
boots from what ever the setting is at.

Have a look at <URL: http://gag.sourceforge.net/>, or if you would like to use Grub, it is available in the ports collection (/usr/ports/sysutils/grub).

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