On Sun, 2 May 2004, Gerard Seibert wrote:

> I am running FreeBSD 5.2.1. I have three computers networked together, Two
> running WinXP Pro and one running FreeBSD. I would like the one running
> BSD to be able to use the printer connected to the WinXP machine.

I think Joshua has the easy approach to this: load "Windows Printing
Services For Unix" on the XP machine.  That gives it a reasonably
standard lpd server.  (XP Home may not have this, don't know for sure.)

Then set up an entry in /etc/printcap pointing at the XP computer.
I think the XP system will send it through whatever drivers you have
defined for that printer.

smbclient has some printing capabilities, too, but then you may have to
deal with user passwords on XP.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA
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