With my ipfw firewall, I try to use the MAC keyword, as explained
in the ipfw man page:

# man ipfw
{ MAC | mac } dst-mac src-mac
      Match packets with a given dst-mac and src-mac addresses, speci-
      fied as the any keyword (matching any MAC address), or six groups
      of hex digits separated by colons, and optionally followed by a
      mask indicating how many bits are significant, as in

                   MAC 10:20:30:40:50:60/33 any

But to no avail:

# ipfw add 900 allow udp from any to any MAC 00:a0:b0:0e:3a:95 any
ipfw: unknown argument ``MAC''

Is this a bug, or what?

I use FreeBSD 4.9-stable.


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