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> I'm sure that this is a trivial question to ask . I'm considering source and 
> ports tree upgarde from 5.2_REL to 5.2.1_REL . I've never did cvs before
> (usually i back up , format + binary install and restore ) . I've read the 
> article from the handbook and everything is pretty much explained there . My 
> question is when i install the new distro how should i upgrade the ports tree 
> after syncing it from cvs ? Are there any guidelines , tips or tricks ? I've 
> heard about portupgrade port . Is this the right tool for bringing my ports 
> up to date ? Your help will be greatly appreciated and I hope will save me 
> hours of hesitation and headache :-)

You've pretty much got the right idea.  portupgrade(1) is the tool to
use.  However, you should read /usr/ports/UPDATING carefully -- apart
from anything else, if you're upgrading from the ports tree as it was
at the time of 5.2-RELEASE you'll have a tricky ruby(1) version bump
to deal with (ruby is the language portupgrade is written in) as well
as major updates for some large software collections like Gnome and

Note that the ports collection is developed pretty much independently
from the base system, and reflects the completely independent
development of software by any number of completely different
projects.  There's no particular requirement to only upgrade your
ports concurrently with upgrading your system.  In fact, it's probably
better to upgrade ports slightly more frequently (or perhaps even a
lot more frequently) than the base system.



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