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> > But I guess I'm not completely convinced that it'll take far less
> > time. I started the K3b port install Friday evening... I'm on about
> > the third iteration of portupgrade, and each iteration is an
> > _extremely_ long process on this old 350 MHz system with 211+ ports.
> > Several of the port installs require input from the console to
> > continue, so I've been friggin' chained to this desk all weekend
> > long. Too much work, too much time!
> I understand that problem. I have a P-II 400 that I don't build anything
> on because it takes so long. I did the portupgrade -rf expat2 on an AMD
> 2400+ XP and complained because it ran for 13 hours. If you use ratios,
> which don't always apply, your 350 is close to 16x slower. It is 8x by
> the clock and 2x for hardware speed ups.

Whew! It took almost a  month, but I think I made it - well, almost... I've 
had an unbelievable string of mishaps (UPS died, travel, etc, etc). I 
re-started 'portupgrade -rf textpproc/expat2' Thursday, and early this 
morning was able to startx & see KDE 3.2 for the first time - about a 3 day 
process to build on this  350 MHz machine.

I say "almost" because two ports are still hosed: samba and openoffice. I'm 
thinking the best strategy from here is to remove these ports & re-install as 
pre-built packages... any analysis or comments on this approach?

Best Rgds,
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