Stephen Moriarty wrote:
I'm trying to configure FreeBSD on my notebook such that when it's docked at the office, I'm able to take advantage of networked resources - NIS, amd, NFS. When I'm away, I want to selectively, and preferably automatically, take advantage of the more limited network resources, which usually includes none of the previous examples. Surely, someone else has already solved this. The only reference I found were relative to email.

At this point, my thought is to disable the above network services until after I've logged in, but this precludes the use of NIS to login. I would have to always login to a local account.

I don't have all the answers to the questions you raise, but one thing you can do it set this machine up as an NIS slave server. It's fairly low on resource usage, and will allow you to log in using NIS even when you're connected to no network at all. Only when it can find a master will it pull down replication of user information.

Bill Moran
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