J.D. Bronson wrote:
At 08:35 AM 05/04/2004, Kent Stewart wrote:

> But in this case they are totally unique:
> NIC #1 -
> NIC #2 -
> Default gateway:
> I am using a single SWITCH for all of my connections.

This is the problem. You don't have two networks and since both NICs are
on the same network, it complains.


How are these not different networks? Could you explain? What would I need to do to MAKE then different?

Another switch/hub to actually isolate them.

There's nothing to prevent arp, broadcast or any other type of traffic from
arriving on the wrong ethernet card, thus evoking these messages.  The
reason you can turn them off in the kernel is that they're essentially
harmless in this situation.  If you know what you've done and you're
comfortable with it, turn the errors off.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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