Hi, my name is Marco, I bout a FreeBSD Power Pak  vertion 5.1 and installed in my 

P3-800Mhz- windows Me in draiver D, Evriting wen well the intall, but when I reboot it 
wont letmi in the sistema,
I have try all the options that the book has it yas wont letmi in, 

I'm trying to load it in one user: it comes like this, Enter full pathname of shell or 
RETURN for /bin/sh:
?????? pres return it coms like this, comand not found,
I doo this /boot/boot1
 it sace Permition denied,
 evriting I ken tink it come as denied or comand not found. it shows this sinboll $ or 
# . I nid help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have used Fedora redhat it isierd then this and diferet give mi sam imput  place 
tank you

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