Hello everyone, I'm very new to this whole wireless thing (I know, I'm late to the 
game) and I was just looking at buying my first PCMCIA 802.11g card.  I want something 
that can use an external antenna so I've been looking at a Proxim Orinoco card 
(http://www.proxim.com/products/wifi/client/11bgpccard/index.html).  It appears as 
though this card will work with FreeBSD but I just wanted to verify this.

I've also got a friend who's done some wireless things before and he uses Linux and 
therefore Kismet.  I see that FreeBSD has a port for bsd-airtools but I'm not sure if 
that's all that I'd need.  I'd like to be able to sniff for traffic without sending 
any data out (he does this with Kismet) in order to not be detected.  He has said that 
netstumbler sends out can't do this and bsd-airtools likens itself to netstumbler so I 
was wondering if bsd-airtools has these limitations as well.

Anyone have any comments about the card I'm looking at or the functionality of 


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