* Patrick Crosby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-05-05 12:10]:
> This isn't a laptop, it's a dual-processor desktop w/ two athlon mp
> 2600's.  But I monitored the temperature all day long today.  It
> hasn't fluctuated more than a degree, and yet I just got another hang
> (while compiling).  The temperature of the cpus and motherboard was
> the same that it was all day long...
> Anyone have any other ideas?
> Thanks.
> Patrick
> Ray Seals ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > I have the same problem with my laptop.  I'm running an AthlonXP-M.  My
> > problem is due to overheating.  The machine hangs for 30 seconds and
> > then runs for about 30 minutes and then hangs again.  Then it powers
> > itself off.
> > 
> > Ray
> > 
> > > 'gmake -j4...', but has happened at other times as well.
> > > 


It is now possible to specify a -j option to make which will cause it to
spawn several simultaneous processes. This is most useful on multi-CPU
machines. However, since much of the compiling process is IO bound
rather than CPU bound it is also useful on single CPU machines.

On a typical single-CPU machine you would run:

# make -j4 buildworld

make(1) will then have up to 4 processes running at any one time.
Empirical evidence posted to the mailing lists shows this generally
gives the best performance benefit.

If you have a multi-CPU machine and you are using an SMP configured
kernel try values between 6 and 10 and see how they speed things up.

Be aware that this is still somewhat experimental, and commits to the
source tree may occasionally break this feature. If the world fails to
compile using this parameter try again without it before you report any


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