On Thursday 06 May 2004 11:25, Rob wrote:
> Bull TORS wrote:
> > Can I use ssh to connect/administer either way on these 2 laptops?
> > I hope that I have stated my question clearly...I will try my best to
> > simply things below:
> >
> > laptop1.mydomain.org                <-----?ssh?--->         laptop2.mydomain.org
> > Static IP Address from the                                  DHCP client of my ISP
> > Company LAN Server with
> > a different domain (companydomain.org)
> Are the laptops on internal networks ( for example) or on real
> internet addresses? In the latter case, you just do
>   ssh a.b.c.d

My laptop in the office (laptop1.mydomain.org) has a static internal network 
address from my company's (companydomain.org) LAN Server.
My laptop in my home has 192.168.1.x (I am not that sure if it changes a lot 
but I think not) as a DHCP client from my ISP (ispdomain.ne.jp).
So I think both gets internal network addresses from their respective servers, 
one as a static client and the other as a dynamic client from different 
domains.  Does this mean I can not use ssh from either both PC's?

Thank you very much for the reply,

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