On Thursday 06 May 2004 12:50, Rob wrote:
> Bull TORS wrote:
> > My laptop in the office (laptop1.mydomain.org) has a static internal
> > network address from my company's (companydomain.org) LAN
> > Server. My laptop in my home has 192.168.1.x (I am not that sure if it
> > changes a lot but I think not) as a DHCP client from my ISP
> > (ispdomain.ne.jp). So I think both gets internal network addresses from
> > their respective servers, one as a static client and the other as a
> > dynamic client from different domains.  Does this mean I can not use ssh
> > from either both PC's?
> My knowledge of ssh is just to the level of a regular user, so I may be
> wrong here. But in this case I am afraid you can only connect the two
> computers if you also have access (login & password) to each one of the
> gateways, in which case you can make use of ssh-tunnels.

Thank you again for your response...Really gives people like me the confidence 
to ask in this mailing list...
I know that we are connected to an ADSL modem and we are renting a router 
device to act as our gateway...I know the login & password for the router and 
I can possibly change the settings BUT, this is where my problem is...
I have been using FreeBSD for the last 7-8 months now since I threw away my MS 
Windows CD's because I have finally found the OS that was meant to be mine.
Since I have been using FreeBSD, I still have not configure my printer 
settings and when people asked me why, I used to answer to them that I am 
using FreeBSD and I need more readings to configure my system but before I 
could finish the last phrase of my sentence, they would say "Oh, your not 
using Windows! so you are using Linux!..." "Why use strange 
things?"...Imagine that Linux sounds strange to them, what would happen if I 
start explaining what FreeBSD is!...Hehehe...And the person in-charge on our 
network does not even know why we have to configure our DNS numbers from our 
ISP in order to connect to the internet...!!! and I only understood what DNS 
is after I started FreeBSD...When I tried to say that you should try FreeBSD 
because I learned it using the said OS...and the answer was "My mind is no 
longer interested in strange OSes...!!!
So I do not want to ask about this thing because I know that they will not and 
can not understand...hehehe
Sorry for this kind of response but I really appreciate the time for your 
responses and I will take on this challenge in another environment in the 
Forgive me for the wasted bandwidth...
> See for example:
>   http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/excerpt/ssh_11/index1.html
> In case you have no access to the gateways, I then wonder, if you could
> use any third computer with a real IP address (provided you have access
> to that one) and use this third computer as an inbetween in the ssh-tunnel
> between your two laptops. Above article may give a clue.
> Does that help?
Yes it did and I will really keep this Emails for future reference...
Once again, thanks a lot...

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