On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 11:25:35PM -0400, R. M. Los wrote:

> Dependency error: this port wants the OpenSSL library from the FreeBSD
> base system. You can't build against it, while a newer
> version is installed by a port.
> Please deinstall the port or undefine WITH_OPENSSL_BASE.
>  Since I obviously don't want to do the first option, how would I go
> about doing the 2nd option?  Where do you undefine "WITH_OPENSSL_BASE"??

It's undefined by default, but if you'ld defined it you have put the
definition into /etc/make.conf or /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf 

WITH_OPENSSL_BASE is a flag for the security/openssl port which causes
that port to overwrite the SSL shlibs and applications in the base
system.  That's not something to do without due care and attention as
it can cause various problems.  If you need the openssl port (which
you probably don't as openssl is in the base system) think first of
installing it under /usr/local.

In this case, probably all you need to do is:

    # pkg_delete security/openssl

then install portaudit, and then (if you're sure you need it)
re-install security/openssl.  Be warned: you might have to repeat that
whole rigmarole every time an upgrade to portaudit comes out.



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