I'm about to set up a server under 4.x (later to be converted to 5.x
once it becomes "stable"). 

HP DL360
2xXeon 3GHz CPUs
2x146GB SCSI-HDs (in RAID1-config)

Usage: Generating logs of MTRG-statistics (i.e. gathering data via
snmp and producing graphics out of the data)

These statistics are to be viewed via http (that's "simple
http"-traffic - just viewing web-pages; no user interaction in terms
of users entering data)

My questions is on how to set up filesystems, i.e. how much space out
of the 146GB should I give to

o) /usr
o) /home
o) swap
o) /var
o) /tmp
o) /usr/tmp

Besides the suggestions in tuning(7) - is there anything additional to
consider? Any caveats & pitfalls?

TIA for your help,

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