On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 10:21, Christian Hiris wrote:
> Insert the 5.2.1-RELEASE CD-ROM and boot into the installation menu.
> Then select the 'Fixit' option from the install menu. 
> Next select option 2 CDROM/DVD (you need the 5.2.1-RELEASE-i386-disc2.iso 
> handy or download it from a freebsd ftp server).
> The fixit shell starts on terminal 4, where you can fsck and mount your 
> damaged filesystem. cd to /dist, there you may find the files you are looking 
> for.

I would hate for something to go wrong with my production server. Do you
think it is OK to just load the same version of FreeBSD on another
machine and then copy over the files I need? I made a mistake installing
the Heimdal port into /usr instead of the default /usr/local and then
when I realized it, I did a deinstall and it took out Kerberized files
like ftpd, su, login, etc. from /usr/bin that it had replaced. I have
the list of files in the ports distfiles and just need to get them back.


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