Please disregard last question because it is a little too vague. My apologies.

The Question
I would appreciate it very much if someone could provide a step-by-step guide for 
enabling Japanese input into a terminal window, using a jvim or other japanese enabled 
vi-like editors.  I'm not particular about the server (canna, wnn6, etc.) it just has 
to work.  Also, although i'd prefer to stick with a vi-like editor, i would be ok with 
an emacs solution as well.

Some Information
I'm currently using 
 - FreeBSD 4.9
 - Enlightenment 0.16
 - i386 Architecture
My Handicap
I'm very new, so please, try not to gloss over things (e.g. rather than say "go to the 
ports directory" say "go to /usr/ports/").  I've read documentation that said "type 
abc" but never said where. And some that have said "the configuration file" but gave a 

Thank you very much


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