On Saturday,  8 May 2004 at 13:37:42 -0400, Lee Dilkie wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've been running a 5 disk vinum array (sripted, no redundancy) for a few
> months now. It's composed of 5 scsi drives of 4G each. I bought a new 120G
> ide drive, with the intention of copying over all the files from the vinum
> array and retiring the array (the scsi drives are really loud).
> All was fine until the file copy part. Shortly after starting, i started to
> get scsi errors and the scsi system reset the drives and re-spun them up in
> an attempt to provide data (this i could hear). Eventually vinum reported a
> read error. My machine kinda locked up because there were swap partitions on
> the scsi drives and things just went south when the OS couldn't swap
> properly.
> I rebooted and fsck'd my other partitions just fine but vinum reported that
> the plex was corrupt and one of the subdisks was stale (see "vinum list"
> output below). I also include the output from the command to read and parse
> the vium table on each drive ( as describe at
> http://www.vinumvm.org/vinum/how-to-debug.html ). it sure looks to me like
> all the disks have the same vinum info.
> When i tried to vinum start striped.p0.s1, most of the time i would get an
> error "Input/output error (5)" but a couple of times the command hung (as it
> is right now).

It would be interesting to see the ps -l output for that process and
any other Vinum-related processes.

> Also, I reconfured my scsi (2940uw) to the lowest transfer speed,
> disabled wide negotation (these are wide fast drives), disabled
> disconnect and disabled synchronous transfers. Basicly, i slowed
> them down as slow as they can go. I am able to successfully read
> each drive (tested the first 1G of each using "dd if=/dev/da*s1e
> of=/dev/null bs=1m count=1000").

That might work for a while.

> There were no write operations to the vinum volume when things
> crashed. I'm hoping i can get vinum up and running again so i can
> copy off this data.

Vinum protects you by making it difficult to access data of dubious

> Question to the group. Would a vinum create using the original
> configuration (i have the file) recover this situation so i could
> mount and read the disk?


> Is there something else to do that will help?

Yes.  Do:

 vinum -> setstate up striped.p0.s1 striped.p0

When you're happy with the data, do:

 vinum -> setdaemon 4
 vinum -> saveconfig

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