Giorgos Keramidas said on Sunday, 09 May 2004 03:34 UTC:

> Try base64-encoding the signed message, instead of
> piping it through as text/plain.

That would mean that only S/MIME capable mail clients could read the resulting
email, wouldn't it?  When I S/MIME sign an email (such as this one) even the
most crufty old mailers can display the message body, without any
understanding of MIME generally or S/MIME signatures.  PGP operates similarly
when signing but not encrypting.

The original poster might want to focus on fixing or not using software which
corrupts the line endings.  Since S/MIME targets SMTP and SMTP (unlike unix)
wants CR LF line endings, my guess is when you have a problem CR LF is being
translated to CR CR LF or CR LF CR LF.

Dave Hart

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