On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 04:28:31PM -0700 or thereabouts, Richard Marriner wrote:
>    I am not sure of where to ask this question, but I have just recently
> finished configuring Postfix:Virtual:SMTPAUTH+MySQL+TeaPOP and it works
> great.  Fortunatly (maybe unfortunately) it is on a test server.  Our main
> mail server (which we are planning to implement this technology to) is
> currently running Postfix:SMTPAUTH+Qpopper.  


> My questions is whether or not the Postfix+MySQL+TeaPOP system is secure
> and fast enough to put on a medium to high traffic production server
> with approx. 3500 accounts.

should be without any problem.. 3500 accounts is not a lot of mail,
really, and is really not considered a "high traffic" email server. When
you get over 20-30 emails/sec.. 1200-1800 / minute ... or over 100,000
emails an hour, that is getting to be a high traffic server <g>
postfix/mysql no problem handling what you need. I am not familiar with
TeaPOP, and in looking at their site, they have been out for a few years,
and I have not come across any prior security history problems with them,
that I have heard, unlike Qpopper, which has a very real history of
security issues.. 

I would say, give it a go... on high volume servers, the focal area of
concern is disk I/O, as this will be your slowest area. 


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