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> Aloha Again
> Okay, I had some time and since I had just installed Slackware, I didn't
> mind blowing it away.
> Using cfdisk from the Slackware CD, I re-partitioned  slices 3 and up. I
> now have a fat32 3Gig slice in primary partition/slice ad0s3. I then have
> four 12 Gig slices (5 - 8) set up as linux partitions. Finally slice 9
> (ad0s9/hda9) is linux swap.

Do you still have Fat32 in slice 1?

It is my impression that MS will not allow more than 1 MS primary slice. It
will force 2nd and subsequent MS file systems into extended partitions. Of 
course if you created "and formatted" the slice outside of MS then the 
comment is irrelevant.

Posting the output of fdisk (on FreeBSD) might help.


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