On Friday, 14 May 2004 at 20:22:37 -0500, Doug Poland wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been running a striped vinum configuration on 7 2.1GB SCSI drives
> for almost three years.  I recently returned from a vacation to find my
> vinum fileserver had crashed.  The logs indicated some type of problem
> with my Adaptec 2940AU host adapter.  The 2940 seems be working now but
> now I'm having a problem with my vinum volume.
> The error messages I'm seeing are...
> vinum: dataraid.p0.s1 is stale by force
> vinum: dataraid.p0 is corrupt
> I've spent no small amount of time searching the web google, and
> newsgroups.  From what I've found I think I should be able to run a
> vinum create and the volume will re-build.  But before I do that, I was
> hoping to get confirmation that my procedure would work.

No, that's a bad idea.

> In accordance with the instructions found at
> http://www.vinumvm.org/vinum/how-to-debug.html, I'm including the
> requested information as follows:

Thank you!

> Problem: Corrupt plex
> 1 plexes:
> P dataraid.p0         S State: corrupt        Subdisks:     7 Size:         13 GB
> 7 subdisks:
> S dataraid.p0.s0        State: up     PO:        0  B Size:       1920 MB
> S dataraid.p0.s1        State: stale  PO:      256 kB Size:       1920 MB
> S dataraid.p0.s2        State: up     PO:      512 kB Size:       1920 MB
> S dataraid.p0.s3        State: up     PO:      768 kB Size:       1920 MB
> S dataraid.p0.s4        State: up     PO:     1024 kB Size:       1920 MB
> S dataraid.p0.s5        State: up     PO:     1280 kB Size:       1920 MB
> S dataraid.p0.s6        State: up     PO:     1536 kB Size:       1920 MB

OK, here your second subdisk has gone stale, meaning that updates have
been missed.  There's every reason to believe that the data is
inconsistent, but possibly it's nothing that an fsck couldn't gloss

In this case, use "setstate":

  # vinum setstate up dataraid.p0.s1  dataraid.p0

Then do your fsck--if you want to be cautious, fsck -n in case
something goes seriously wrong--and confirm that you can still access
the file system on the volume.  If that's OK, do a

  # vinum saveconfig

Until you do the saveconfig, the changes you made with setstate are
only in memory, and unless something else saves the state, they will
be gone on reboot.

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