On Friday 14 May 2004 07:55 pm, Gary Kline wrote:

>       Can anyone point me to the website that told how to set up
>       sendmail's FEATURE to use blacklists?  There were at least
>       fourr blacklist sites.  I've grep'd thru my ~/Mail directory,
>       can't find it?

Most DNSBLs have a "how-to" page with sendmail configuration examples. The 
sendmail site itself is pretty clear on how to do this (www.sendmail.org)

>       Any thoughts on spamcop.com?

I use it, and I feed my spam to it. I think their approach to blacklisting is 
pretty unique... it's not the "central authority" model, it's more like a 
"popular vote" model. Anyone can "vote" by feeding their spam to spamcop.


1) Their servers apparently get overloaded sometimes, and don't respond. This 
can lead to two things - both of which are bad:
  spam gets through if you don't defer
  good mail gets delayed if you do defer
2) There was some flack a few months ago about spamcop being bought by a 
"commercial" outfit. You can Google for the news on this

Finally - www.DNSstuff.com, the "Spam database lookup" is a great source of 
comparison between all or most of the available blacklists.


>       tia, people,
>       gary
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