On Sat, May 15, 2004 at 04:07:46AM +0800, John Lee wrote:

> I'm running freebsd4.10-pre on my AMD box
> and i have cvs to the latest source lately.
> I installed /usr/ports/security/pidentd and
> it doesn't work, i looked in /var/log/messages
> this is the error:
> identd[16356]: getbuf: bad address (00000009 not in c012b510-0xFFC00000) -
> ofile

Hmmm... There aren't any problems listed for that port at:


which suggests that it's something about your system that has lead to
the problem.  Unfortunately you don't give very many details so making
it impossible to tell precisely what the problem is.  Apart from the
usual questions like "are you using excessive optimization for C
compilation?"  or "are you absolutely certain that there are no
hardware problems on your equipment?" looking at the port there are a
couple of other questions:

    Have you disabled IPv6 on your machine?  pidentd defaults to
    providing IPv6 support, and all of the centralised testing is done
    on systems with IPv6 enabled.

    Have you defined WITH_DES when compiling the port?  Have you done
    anything like installing the OpenSSL port with
    OPENSSL_PORT_OVERWRITES_BASE or whatever the flag is for that

One thing you might try is pulling down the pre-compiled package from
one of the FTP sites and see if that shows the same symptoms.



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