I've had an interesting problem. In my /ets/fstab I have put a line which should mount my /dev/ad0s3 to /shared. It is a fat32 partition. It was working fine until earlier today, when I first rebooted the machine after install and when fsck was run at boot time. It checked the ufs filesystems w/o problems, but when trying to check /dev/ad0s3 it reported an error. fsck was calling fack_msdos to check that partition, but this file does not exist. So it stopped booting and reported an error about not being able to find fsck_msdos in /sbin or /usr/sbin. After rebooting with FreeSBIE, I took a look in my /sbin directory to find I have the needed binary, only it's called fsck_msdosfs! No wonder it couldn't find it as it has a different name. I copied fsck_msdos to fsck_msdosfs, rebooted and the boot went through normally.

Does anyone else have the same problem? I have a freshly installed FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE and the problem occured when I rebooted the machine in order to do a "make installworld". I don't believe the name change occured while building world and building and installing kernel.
Is having a copy of the file OK or do I need to do something else instead?

Why is fsck calling fsck_msdos if the actual binary has a different name (fsck_msdosfs)?


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