On Sun, 16 May 2004, Lee Harr wrote:

> >I'd like to install FreeBSD on a single partition, how can I do that?
> >The sys/installer complains about a missing swap partition, (I'd rather
> >use swap files though).
> >
> I have never tried this. It is very possible that the installer cannot
> work without creating a separate swap partition.
> What you might try is using 2 disks.
> Install normally on to one disk, then copy the installation over to
> the disk that you really want to use, remove the swap partition
> from the fstab, and create the swapfiles you want to use.

Are you referring to BIOS partitions or BSD partitions?

If you are refering to a BIOS partition, this is equivalent to a BSD slice
and the BSD partitions are created within it during the installation.
During a normal installation, sysinstall will create a single slice (BIOS
partition) to hold the BSD partitions unless you instruct it otherwise, so
this will not be a problem.

If you are referring to BSD partitions, I guess you could try removing the
default swap space created when partitioning then creating and configuring
the swap file before rebooting at the end of installation.


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