I am trying to setup FreeBSD 5.2.1 on a PC, which is equipped with

        * AMD K6/233
        * 256 MB RAM
        * Adaptec AHA-1542 (SCSI-Id #7, I/O 0x0330, IRQ 15, DMA 0)
        * RealTek RTL8139
        * Seagate ST34520N (SCSI-Id #0)
        * Quantum Fireball 540S (SCSI-Id #1)
        * Matshita CR-8005A (SCSI-Id #6)
        * SoundBlaster SB2 (I/O 0x0220, IRQ 2, DMA 1)
        * 1,44 MB/3,5" Floppy

Booting from CDROM doesn't work, so I created two floppies, one made from kern.flp, the other made from mfsroot.flp, but unfortunately booting from the floppies doesn't work either! After replacing the boot floppy with the one containing the root file system, the kernel says something like

        AHA invalid DMA setting

and stops after some time asking with file system to continue with. When going for ufs:md0 I am ending with the sysinstall, but I can't install anything because not a single disk can be found!

How can I solve this one?

- Martin

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