> On Thu, 03 Jun 2004 21:48:22 +0200, David Telyas wrote:
>I have an i386 running FreeBSD 5.2.1 and KDE, but I can't get my printer
>working. It's a HP Deskjet 5550 connected via USB. I've heard about lpd
>and cups, but don't know which one to use or what the difference is. So
>can anyone guide a Windows user to an easy howto?

I'd gotten it to work with print/apsfilter port using the dj990 driver of
the hpijs package set. There were no native dj5550 driver 6 months ago
hence why I had to use the older driver. It worked fairly well. It's been
long since, the situation may have changed now.

The setup was fairly intuitive and I remember the first time round, I
managed to get it up and running within 5 minutes. However, you don't get
the flashy HP Printer Assistant so it's hard to run diagnostics such as
checking the ink level and whatnot.

Unfortunately there are no easy printing how-to AFAIK for new users
especially ones coming in from Windows.

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