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> What do these numbers (5) and (8) referring to.  Page
> number?

Section of the user manual, where (1) is user commands, (2) is system
calls, (3) is C api, (4) is kernel devices, (5) is configuration
file formats, (6) and (7) are not commonly used, and I can't remember
exactly what they mean and finally (8) is system management commands.

Usually I just use this to indicate a man page: so if I talk about
sshd_config(5), you can pretty much just type:

    % man sshd_config

and see what I'm on about.  Sometimes the number is significant: to
see the chown(2) man page you have to type:

    % man 2 chown

because plain 'man chown' gets you the chown(8) man page.



PS.  Actually (6) is games, and (7) is miscellaneous, as you can find
out by looking at intro(6) and intro(7).

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