On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 15:42, xavier collot wrote:
> Hi!!
> I want use openssl but I don't find the directory where I can create my 
> authority of certification (in this directory we can find scripts to 
> allow the automation of the command of openssl). I have read that it is 
> in /usr/local/openssl/misc but I haven't this directory (I have freebsd 
> 5.2).

If you install openssl via ports ( /usr/ports/security/openssl/ ) you
will get the directory as described above. Remember to exclude openssl
from /etc/make.conf ( NO_OPENSSL=true ) if you decide to use the port.

> Moreover I have an other problem: I can't install racoon.
> When I want to make the installation there is an "error 1".

You will have to be more specific here and provide us with a little more

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