If one were to *not* use the installer to setup a FreeBSD system, (aka, like *old* dos, each step done manually), what are the manual steps involved?

Matthew Seaman wrote:
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Has there been any new work on the installer or planned? If not, I would like to help... What about graphical?

There's been plenty of planning and various projects to "produce
something better", but to the best of my knowledge all such efforts
have basically ground to a halt.  Probably the one that got closest to
actually getting into production was the libh project --


but that seems to have imploded under a too ambitious development
plan, and apparently nothing new has been produced by it since 2002.

Note that the system installer tends to be quite a sore point around
the various FreeBSD lists, with all sorts of claims about the current
sysinstall(8) ranging from loud praises to downright hostility, often
by people who haven't got the foggiest idea of how to improve things.
It's also a topic that regularly gets bikeshedded to death.



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