Is it possible to manually run an rcNG-style script with app_enable=NO 
in /etc/rc.conf?

For instance, there are a few services that I don't want running all the 
time on my laptop (like Apache, Squid, DansGuardian) but that I need 
running now and then for development / testing purposes.  As such, I 
have apache_enable="NO" in my rc.conf to prevent Apache from starting 
at boot time.  However, this also means that I cannot manually start 
Apache when I need it running, unless I use apachectl or run the httpd 
binary directly.  And I can't use the RCng script to check the status, 
or restart, or any of the other nice things that RCng gives me.  It 
would be much simpler/nicer if I could use the rcNG script to do this.

Am I missing something simple, or is it just not possible to do what I 
want?  I'd like to use the rc.d scripts to control everything, but if I 
have to enable them all in rc.conf and then manually stop them after 
each boot, I'll most likely end up writing my own non-RCng wrapper 
scripts for each app.  :(

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