Hello everyone!

I've got 5.2.1 Release installed.  I've cvsuped my ports collection and
gotten a successful Gnome 2.6 install.

The Gnome CD player sees my cdrom just fine and plays music cd's. 
However, sound-juicer does not see it and I can't seem to enable an
ability to choose the device anywhere within the program.

Root or normal user, the result is the same.  Has anyone seen behavior
like this?  It is an IDE cdrom as Master on the 2nd IDE Bus.

KDE 3.2 will read the cd's by the way.  On this same box koffice will
not build because of error's the the TK84 toolkit.

What's really frustrating is that I recently had to wipe this box and
start over.  ALL things the same except the date of cvsup runs.  The
Gnome 2.6 install I had a few weeks ago worked fine.  So did the KDE 3.2

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Matt Anderson

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