In the last episode (May 17), Gary Kline said:
>       I tried and failed to install 4 or 5 of the mail filters 
>       in /ports/mail.  Do I *need* to keep the  "dnl" after each
>       FEATURE in the *.cf file?  Maybe that messed things up.  
>       Both the scripts and maillog reported socket problems among
>       other things.  A t any rate, after 5 hours one of the ports 
>       in security,  antivir-milter-1.1.b_2, seems to be working.

The dnl is just to eat newlines in the final sendmail cf file; omitting
them won't affect anything.

If you are seeing socket errors, then sendmail and the milter most
likely don't agree on where the socket is.  If they agree and sendmail
is started before the milter, you'll get warnings from sendmail but
once the milter starts up everything will work.

        Dan Nelson
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