On Tue, 17 May 2004, Mike Jeays wrote:

> I have a Canon Powershot A70, and the same problem.  I bought a SanDisk
> card reader, and it works perfectly with a Compact Flash card that has
> been used in the A70.  It can be mounted as
> mount -t msdos /dev/da0s1 /mnt
> You do need to put the card in the reader first, and then plug in the
> USB connector to make it work properly.
> Much the easiest solution, IMHO.  And very much easier than using the
> software supplied with the camera on a Windows machine.

I thought for Windows XP most USB storage devices don't need additional
software to work. My digital camera for example (a nifty Sony Cyber-shot
DSC-F77A), you can connect and disconnect and they get mounted/dismounted
automatically as an external drive. Tried to do the same in FreeBSD via
devd, in /etc/dev.conf:-

attach 0 {
      device-name "umass[0-9]+";
      action "(sleep 2; mount /mnt/digicam)&";
detach 0 {
      device-name "umass[0-9]+";
      action "(sleep 2; umount -f /mnt/digicam)&";

with the line in /etc/fstab:-
/dev/da0s1   /mnt/digicam   msdosfs   rw,noauto   0   0

Attaching my usb digicam (mine is a nifty Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F77A) works
great, but detaching it has random effects (ranging from works with system
intact to instant kernel panic). Resorted to unmount first before
detaching (when I remember to do so ;-) ). Any similar experience, and
should I send-pr?


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