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> hello i'm learing c and hoping to make bsd a life long friend. i'm
> thinking about building a cluster in total of about 20-25+ clients.
> does freebsd support c, i expect it to, and does that come with
> "graphic functions" and name a list of prog. languages that freebsd
> supports, please. coming from microsoft (the bastard) . please explain
> it in dummy terms , i'm 16 by the way, thanx a whole lot! 

Welcome to the club.

Of course FreeBSD supports C, that's he language it was written in.

As for clustering, I believe that just about any unix variant is capable
of it in some form or another.

Graphics functions are available, but it depends on what type you are
looking for.  In this case, the ports collection is your friend.

once you have FreeBSD installed, I recommend that you type 
        man intro
        man ports
        man hier
and also read the handbook
        less /usr/share/doc/handbook/book.txt

I suggest you spend some time reading the handbook before asking too
many questions on the mailing lists, as you will find the majority of
the answers in there.

Good luck & have fun



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